Internal Affairs

Revealing the inner workings of an evil office...

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm planning to go to college in New York next year and have wanted to work at CollegeHumor for a while now. Any advice on how to get the job as an intern?

Awesome!  I have only 2 main pieces of advice: be professional and be yourself.  Those two things go a long way.

Make sure to keep checking here for postings about internships/jobs1

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Interns Trenten (aka Alex Watt), Rich Piepho, and one of of the twintern team, Jack (or possibly Charlie) Walden make an appearance in this video! The interns are finally starting to take over. Sleep with an eye open Murph, you never know when we’ll strike…

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doin-thecockroach asked: WHY DO I KEEP SEEING STREETER LESS AND LESS IN THE VIDEOS!? It's making me sad!

I know right! I miss Streeter Theeter! But he’s been in a couple lately which have been amazing. That Valentines one is ridiculous! He’s been making small cameos in Jake and Amirs lately which have all been hilarious. But I agree, more Streeter. 

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Anonymous asked: How did you guys land such a sweet dealio? And is there any chance an Australian could do the same?

We all applied and then got an interview. I guess we made the cut or looked cute enough. I’m from Canada and got in, so it’s 100% possible. I’m not sure when they will be accepting applications for the next batch? But I’m sure it’s soon!